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Turn sounds & radio on or off

If you want to turn the sound up or down, hover your cursor over the bar above one of the icons, then move it up and down to increase or decrease the volume. If you are a main owner of a chat group, you can set all default sounds to on or off by hovering over “group” at the top right, clicking “customize” and entering the group password. You can turn chatbox sounds and radio on and off by clicking the radio icon on the bottom right of the chatbox. Then, go to the “settings” tab, toggle the “disable sounds” option to green and click “save”.

If a chat has a radio station, you may click the second radio icon to turn it on or off. A dialog box with three options will appear, with the message, chat and radio sounds icons respectively. Read more about setting up a radio station. To turn it back on, click again. Click one of the icons to disable it. If you’re a main owner and want to add a radio station to your chat, hover over “group” at the top right and click “customize”, then enter the group password, go to the “settings” tab, add your radio station in the correspondent field and click “save”.

Sign In/Out

To sign out of the chatbox, press the Sign Out button located at the bottom right of the chat, next to the text box. You will be shown at the bottom of the Visitors list and will be listed as offline. You will not be able to see or send messages until you press “Sign In” or refresh the page.


The Quickbar is a menu on the chat box that gives you quick access to several features and settings.